A position of power

I come to you for protection, O Lord my God. Save me from my persecutors—rescue me! If you don’t, they will maul me like a lion, tearing me to pieces with no one to rescue me. (Psalm 7:1-2)

We began to look at the power of a truly 'defensible position' yesterday - the best of all being 'in Christ'. As we examine the need for a defensible position, we might find there are a number of reasons we would cry out to God for a place of refuge. Perhaps one of the reasons we seek a refuge is because of the slander and gossip of others around us. We might not realize the damage of gossip and the destruction to the reputation whenever someone sets out to slander and individual. We could be on either side of that coin - the one being gossiped about, or the one engaging in the gossip. The first needs a defensible position - a place of protection and refuge; the latter needs a 'come to Jesus' meeting!

David was not without his share of both. In fact, he had people who would falsely accuse him of many things, some right from within his own family. It is hard to stand strong in the midst of those types of 'wordy attacks', isn't it? It is even harder when those 'attacking' with their words and insults don't know the whole truth of the matter. Imagine what it might have been like to be a king back in those days. There would be some who would immediately see the benefit of this 'chosen king' to be the ruler of the land, but then there would be others who would never be content to allow him to rule. In other words, they would compete with him for a position of power. 

Most of the damage done by gossips and slanderers is meant to 'depose' the one they are targeting from some 'position of power'. It might be as simple as not being the employee the boss seems to 'like best', or not being the 'favored child' in the family. It could be that the gossip starts out 'innocently', but before long, the intent can turn uglier, especially when the person doing the gossiping is actually targeting the 'position of power' for themselves. God tells us our position is 'in Christ' - indeed a position of power. No wonder Satan chooses to attack us so much! He has always wanted that position and just like a spoiled child, he sets out to do whatever it takes to attempt to 'depose' us from that position.

It stands to reason that he would use words to attack us. Why do I make that supposition? The old adage, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me," really isn't true, is it? Words can cut deep. They can scar - leaving deeply felt pain for a long, long time. Maybe that is why God asks us to 'manage' our words well - to allow the Holy Spirit to 'filter' those words, applying his touch of grace to them. Satan uses lies because he knows truth won't topple us. God uses truth because he knows it is the only thing that keeps us free! We might not escape the attacks of gossips and slanderers, but we do always have a refuge that we can run to where we will find truth and grace in abundance. Just sayin!


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