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Stirred and awakened

The Eternal’s purposes will last to the end of time; the thoughts of His heart will awaken and stir all generations. (Psalm 33:11 VOICE)

When we understand the intended result of something, we are more likely to either move toward it because it is good for us, or we move away from it because we see it won't bring anything good into our lives.  The movement toward or away from something is solely based on what we see as the "purpose" and the "outcome" of the thing.  The desired result may be understood, but us "getting that result" whenever we try to get it may not always work.  In fact, what I have learned from playing some of the video games I have struggled with like those "matching games" is that we try way more than we succeed in life until one day we develop an awareness of what is supposed to happen to help us pass that level.  To be truthful here, sometimes it is just by accident I actually find the key to passing the level I am on!  I don't think God wants me to face life the same way - counting on accidental happenings to get me through though.

God's work is never done when it comes to us.  We were created with everything we need for godly living, but somehow our will enters in and we find ourselves not actually moving toward God, but away from him.  This was never God's purpose in creating us - his purpose was that of closeness and fellowship. Since he knows we have this tendency to move toward what he has not purposed for our lives, he uses the thoughts of his heart to awaken and stir us within - to turn us away from that which will not yield righteous living toward that which will draw us into the shelter of his wings.

There are times I hear mom stirring in her sleep. I listen for a little while, wondering if she is ready to get up - something which concerns me as she ages and her mental faculties sometimes betray her.  She has been "lost in the hallway" sometimes at night - kind of turned around and not able to find her way to the bathroom or back to her bedroom.  So, I listen for her stirring and see that she will be safe in her passage.  I think God does this in our lives - he watches when we stir and ensures we are moving in the right direction which will bring us safely to where we need to be.  When she is stirring, I know she is okay.  It is when she is not stirring that I just wait and watch - listening and observing.  

I think God does a similar thing with us.  He waits and watches for our movement, not because he needs to know we are okay, but because he needs to see that we take the right first steps with safety and security.  As we awaken, our "footing" is not all that steady.  We are a little "wobbly" in our movement.  It takes a little while for our body to catch up with us.  It is at this point we are most susceptible to injury - such as losing our footing, stubbing a toe, or even getting a little turned around.  As we awaken spiritually to things God wants us to move into, God wants to ensure we are taking steps which are well-grounded and secure along the way. 

There is nothing like being awakened and stirred from within.  As we awaken naturally, it is usually because our bodies are rested, or we need something such as a bathroom break.  When we are awakened in any other way than our bodies responding to some internal signal, such as hearing a loud noise which awakens us from a sound sleep, we are startled and shaky in our movements. Our perception is "colored" by the unknown which awakened us.  Our internal bodies weren't really ready to be awakened, but something stirred us and it may not always be a good thing!  God watches over his creation to ensure we are each stirred at the right time, in the right way, with the right stimulation to ensure we have a good footing and are protected in our movement forward. Just sayin!


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