What's that I see?

Did you ever stop to think about what God's love really looks like? If you have noticed even one person in your circle of friends, perhaps you may have seen a glimpse of his love just because you noticed that person! Did you ever stop to think God's love is really displayed in his creation - his children? When we look at each other, we are capturing glimpses of his love.

Dear friends, if God loved us that much, then we should love each other. No person has ever seen God at any time. If we love each other, God lives in us. His love is made perfect in us. 1 John 4:11-12 NLV

God's love lives in us and is made perfect in us. That means that even one glimpse into the eyes of a child of God is a glimpse into the heart of God! What does his love look like? Maybe it looks like my grandson tenderly guiding my 100 year old mother down the sidewalk in order to bring her safely to where we were working and to allow her to get a little sunshine with us on a Saturday afternoon workday in the yard. Perhaps it looks like those bony fingers of an elder parent reaching out to you under the table, just to hold your hand in the quiet of the evening. Or maybe it looks like the wide open arms of that one friend you can confide anything to and know you are safe sharing it with her. Either way, each of these give you a glimpse into the heart of God!

Why do we struggle so much with 'knowing' the love of God when we are given so many glimpses into his heart through the hearts and actions of those he places in our lives? Maybe it is because we see the flaws in others quicker than we see the tender whispers of his love. Perhaps it is because we look with eyes expecting to see only a certain type of action as proof of his love. Or maybe it is that we just aren't looking at all! The moment we stop looking with critical eyes and focus instead on the small graces we see revealed in each person, we might just begin to see more of God's love in each other!

Love each other well. Don't let petty grievances and annoyances get in the way of seeing the love of God in each other. Don't limit your perception of God's love because of the imperfect ways we show our love to each other. Instead, see God's tender love being made perfect in the other person - one day at a time - maybe not all at once - but ever so surely, his love is being revealed! Just sayin!


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