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Let Him Lead

Whether you call it social-distancing, self-quarantine, or deliberate-isolation, it all equates to us spending time away from the ones we may see on a regular basis at work, church, school, or in other social settings. I have observed many getting very creative about how to occupy their time, creating all manner of funny social posts, baking, and even creating fun activities for the kiddos who are bored out of their minds right about now. I also observed some being very creative in sharing their interests, like the online choir that all log in at the same time, practice their song, then create a lovely multi-state, multi-nation choir online! Now that is creative and what an awesome outlet for your talent. Thank you to all who are listening to the advice of our medical leaders across this country and abiding by the social-distancing / self-quarantine practices. You may not ever know how many times your steps were kept from passing through the path of this disease. Our soul may desire to be with others and to get things 'back to normal' right about now, but God's plan is for us to trust those he has placed as authorities in our lives - those who study and understand the spread of disease. It isn't our President, Vice President, or whatever government official we may submit to that will know the ins and outs of the disease's spread or virulence. It is the training of our medical leaders we should be listening to as we seek to eradicate the spread of this virulent bug. God has given these medical leaders and scientists and epidemiologists their 'gift' - make no doubt it. He guides them in these difficult times and we need to trust his hand will guide us, as well.

My soul quietly waits for the True God alone because I hope only in Him. He alone is my rock and deliverance, my citadel high on a hill; I will not be shaken. My salvation and my significance depend ultimately on God; the core of my strength, my shelter, is in the True God. Have faith in Him in all circumstances, dear people. Open up your heart to Him; the True God shelters us in His arms. (Psalm 62:6-8)

Our 'shelter' isn't in our government - it is in our God. Our protection isn't found under a mask - it is found in the breath of God. In these moments we have to be a little less 'frantic' in our day-to-day activities, others are working harder than ever to ensure we can treat those who are ill, give guidance to those who need to understand how to respond in crisis, and create a sense of hope where panic would seek to rise up. Medical professionals everywhere are going above and beyond, some risking it all to help keep you and I well. First responder crews are remaining at the ready, knowing we will call and they will need to be there for us, just like they have always been. Truck drivers are making long drives, waiting in long lines to offload their goods, and finding they are away from home for days on end - all to bring us the needed supplies, food items, and medical equipment we are in need of each day. Teachers are finding ways to connect with students they so dearly love and care for each day, but who they are separated from right now. Pastors are connected via online platforms in an effort to create daily devotional times, prayer chains, and 'virtual' church so we can continue to be challenged and growing. Military men and women continue to do what they do each and every day, keeping us safe and securing our most dearly held freedoms. Government hasn't shut the doors, but continues to problem-solve, create solutions, and work hard at finding ways to get us through this crisis. Yes, life goes on - even when it seems like it isn't!

I wonder if I could challenge us today to think of one way we could open up our hearts to meet some need, even if it is in a 'remote' or 'virtual' way, to bless someone who is still hard at work in the midst of this time of uncertainty? Some of us already have, but those kiddos at home right now with you, could they send emails to shut-ins at nursing homes to encourage the grandmas and grandpas in those beds who have no visitors right now? Most nursing homes would be more than willing to set up an email address where you could send those notes of love and encouragement if you'd just reach out to them. How about writing out a few cards for our first responder crews in our local firehouse, police station, or ambulance dispatch centers, then mailing them the regular old 'snail mail' way? Yesterday I took mom for a stroll in her wheelchair around our neighborhood and was blessed by the simplicity of sidewalk chalk drawings and encouraging words along the walkways and driveways of neighbors. Kind verses of encouragement, words that reflect we care about each other, and colorful displays reminding us who our best friends are and how much we love them. At another turn of the walk, a couple beckoned out from their front porch a friendly 'hi, how ya doing', and others just waved and let us know they took notice we were there. It doesn't seem like much, but it ALL matters. Hospitals everywhere are overcrowded, with staff and physicians working long hours, and support personnel finding every resource needed in order to provide care for those who are ill. How could you bless them right now? Just askin!


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