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Swimming against the stream?

The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it. 
What is the 'stream' you are attempting to navigate right now? Is it more like a raging river about to overflow the banks? Or is it more like a babbling brook? Either way, there is still a 'current' to your day. The 'stream' you are navigating doesn't have to have a strong current to make it hard to maintain 'stability' in the midst of it. Right now your 'stream' might be 'sheltering in place' with a house full of kids, spouse, and even an elderly parent. You are attempting this 'work from home' thing and your patience is being tried by the slowness of your internet connection, or the lag VPN can have. Whatever your stream - it has a current - but you don't have to be carried away by it!

I have told you these things so that you will be whole and at peace. In this world, you will be plagued with times of trouble, but you need not fear; I have triumphed over this corrupt world order. (John 16:33)

Some things we all need to keep in mind:

1) None of us are immune to disease, so we need to exercise great wisdom in this time of uncertainty about how this disease is spread, who it will attack, how it manifests itself, and how long it will last.

2) None of us are without a shelter to run to in this time of uncertainty. We all have Christ as our shelter and can run to him as freely as we wish. Will we run to him? That is the real question here. Will we take him our 'currents' and allow him to help us navigate through them?

3) None of us are able to live without close personal contact with others for very long. We all get a little stir-crazy, desire that hug, and need that endorphin release that comes from laughing with each other, holding each other's hand, or getting that bear hug each morning. We might be missing some of that right now, but let me assure you of this - the more we are compliant with 'being apart' right now, the sooner we will be able to be together again.

4) None of us need to stockpile great piles of foodstuff and paper goods right now. We ALL need this stuff if we are to ALL make it through this! Yes, my pantry is stocked, but it usually is. Yes, I have extra toilet paper, but I usually do. Yes, there is extra laundry soap in the cabinet, but there always is. Don't go beyond 'normal' in this time of 'sheltering'. Your 'normal' is sufficient - be wise and allow others to get what they need. Think of your neighbors right now - how can you meet a need they might have?

5) The current isn't felt until we try to navigate against it. Think about that a moment - the current beckons for us to travel in a certain direction - WITH IT. There are those who will choose to follow the current, but if we are to be honest here, God isn't asking us to live without resistance. He sometimes requires us to be the ones who will challenge the 'we are all doing it' kind of mentality. The 'current' isn't always the direction we want to be traveling.

6) No one will navigate your stream for you like Christ will. He is the one who knows the path the current has cut and how the stream will change course shortly because of that very current. Let him take control of your life right now and just be at peace knowing he has this all under his control. Just sayin!


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