Bless and keep on blessing

Blessed are those who give without remembering and take without forgetting. 
(Elizabeth Bibesco)

The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. (Proverbs 11:25)

How many of us have been beating the paths at the local department stores in search of those 'perfect gifts' for our loved ones this Christmas season? We shop till we about drop, wrap till our fingers ache, and decorate till our homes are all aglow. Yet, I wonder how many of us have taken a breather long enough to remember the blessings we have received in Christ Jesus? Christmas isn't about the presents - it is about his PRESENCE with us. It isn't about what we might receive - it is about what we must give.

Christmas is going to come and go, just like other days each calendar year, but we put so much work into that one day, don't we? I would like to put a little challenge out there this morning. Would you possibly consider how you can keep Christmas alive all year through? How is it you could give of yourself, in even the tiniest of ways, that would allow others to see just a bit of Christ's presence in your life? It could just be the greatest 'gift-giving' you do is when you let God's presence shine through you in the simplest and kindest of acts all year long.

How can you become a blessing? Do you have a 'simple talent' you could use to bless others? Too many times we discount what we have been blessed with in the way of 'simple talents', believing they really aren't much of a blessing. Do you enjoy shopping at the grocery store, finding good bargains, and redeeming coupons galore? Perhaps you could become a blessing to a shut-in who needs to have their fridge filled and panty stocked. Do you enjoy washing and ironing clothes? Maybe there is a young man just starting out his career who could use a little hand with keeping his wardrobe in top notch condition.

You might think your ability to 'bless another' is really limited, but I want to challenge you today to consider the 'simple talents' God has given you. They aren't just for your pleasure - they are meant to become a conduit of his blessing through you. Can you drive a person to church on Sunday who otherwise wouldn't be able to get there? Be a blessing. Could you watch a young couple's newborn so they could get a bite to eat and enjoy a little time together? Be a blessing. Christmas isn't a one day happening - it is a lifetime blessing. Just sayin!


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