Just pondering

How amazing are the deeds of the Lord! All who delight in him should ponder them. Everything he does reveals his glory and majesty. His righteousness never fails. (Psalm 111:2-3)

All who delight in him should ponder his deeds. What does it mean to ponder? To consider something deeply and thoroughly - we get the word meditation from this concept of pondering. Meditation isn't sitting cross-legged and chanting - it is taking time out to just dig a little deeper into the object of your attention. If God is the object right now - you are pondering!

"A season of suffering is a small assignment when compared to the reward. Rather than begrudge your problem, explore it. Ponder it. And most of all, use it. Use it to the glory of God." (Max Lucado) We may not want to admit it, but God can and does use every 'season' of our lives - good, mediocre, or really bad! Ponder these seasons - what is he doing, how are we responding, what might he be teaching us in that moment? We aren't going to grow in Christ if we ever expect to do it without some element of 'pondering' him.

Everything he does reveals his glory - that should resonate in your soul and deep within your spirit. Nothing escapes his use in your life - nothing. The tiniest of issues can reveal the biggest of victories. The greatest of victories can reveal the most hidden of virtues. We need to consider well what he is doing, for in so doing we open ourselves up to the revelation of something we may not have really known about God or ourselves. Pondering is not wasted time - in fact, it is the most beneficial use of time you may ever experience. Just sayin!


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