Is it tangible or intangible?

Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry, but those who trust in the Lord will lack no good thing. (Psalm 34:10) 

David said, "“You are my Master! Every good thing I have comes from you.” (Psalm 16:2) Every good thing comes from you - I don't have anything of 'goodness' or 'value' apart from you, God. Because of his relationship with God, he lacks (has no need that is unmet) nothing. Whatever is good or 'beneficial' for us, God provides. Nowhere in scripture does it say all our 'wants' will be met, but we will never lack what God has determined to be of 'value' or 'benefit' for our lives. 

Sometimes we complain because we see something as 'beneficial' for us, but then we don't ever come to realize it in our lives. We forget that God might see it differently! He might actually be withholding that thing from our lives because it is far from 'beneficial' or 'good'! Now I have gone to meddling, haven't I? It is always good to remember God cares way more about our character and our relationship with him that produces that character than he does all our 'wants' that we think we 'need' in order to be happy in this lifetime. 

God gives us both the tangible and intangible. We need a new vehicle because ours has seen its best days and has resulted in mounting repair costs that far outweigh its value - God will give us a means to obtain a new vehicle. Will it be brand-spanking new? Not always - but it will be of a greater value than the one we have been sinking good money after bad into with all those repairs. We need to let go of bitterness or regret over missing out on some opportunities, so God helps us see the 'value' in letting go and in allowing him to bring about the good he desires in our lives. Tangible automobile, intangible healing of our wounded mind and emotions. 

The thing I think God wants us to see today is that it is not 'wrong' to want something, but not every 'want' is good for us. Sometimes we have to let God show us when those things we 'want' are not what he desires for us and then let them go so he can give us what we need. The thing that meets our need will be the very thing that brings about his character development within us. The intangible may be our need today - seek it wholeheartedly. The tangible may be our need - ask for that need to be met as God sees fit. Then trust him to meet both of those needs because he withholds no good thing from those he loves. Just sayin!


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